Stuck in a Rut?

Do you ever feel like you're not living up to your full potential? Maybe like you're not living your purpose? Many of us feel stuck at work because we believe we need to just build our resume, hang in there to see if things improve, or because we have seen other people gain some level of success from starting off doing what we are currently doing. But is that a good strategy?

1. Know Your Motives

Do some work to figure out what is keeping you where you are. Often times, fear is what is holding us back from making a change. Fear can show up in concerns such as having a "jumpy" resume or failing at a new venture. However, fear is not a good foundation to build your future on. If fear is keeping you stuck, it's time to make a decision to change

2. Figure Out Your Own Path

Having role models, mentors, and people to look up to is vitally important for business. Just as important though, is knowing where your long-term passion and purpose lies. The work you are meant to contribute to this world may look a little different than that of the people your are currently surrounded by. Know what's authentic and fulfilling to you and pursue that purpose, not someone else's, unless you're doing so consciously as a means to something greater.

3. Determine Your Core Values

At TLCG, we constantly are teaching our leaders to know their core values. Are you able to articulate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what matters most to you? This should be no more than a few sentences. This isn't an easy thing to create, but it's something you should know, clearly and concisely, for exceptional self leadership and team leadership. If you are living your business life in alignment with your personal core values, you likely will not feel stuck in a rut anymore.

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