How Travel Impacts Leadership

Developing a personal philosophy about leadership is the core of what we teach at TLCG. This takes time, experience, and is best done with exposure to many different environments both personally and professionally.

But what might visiting various parts of the world teach a person about their individual leadership responsibilities? Here are some of the big benefits we have identified from our world travels as they relate to leadership:

  • Understanding Different Perspectives: Travel requires you to consider the way that others view the world, view authority, and view their own abilities to impact various situations. As a leader in any situation, it is vital to understand the group you are interacting with. This is best learned by listening and respectfully observing before assuming you know what is best for any group based on your own personal experiences.

  • The Importance of Listening: It's possible to miss the way you influence a situation in your everyday life. However, when you are in a new environment, people will often comment to you about how your presence impacts a given situation. This is an important lesson to bring back home as a leader of an organization. Listen to see how others react to your influence or to learn what they crave from the influence of a leader.

  • Giving Honor Strengthens Us: In a recent podcast episode with TLCG's subject matter expert in leadership, Richard Rieckenberg, the idea of honor is discussed. Richard says, “We honor people when we listen to them; when we try to understand their thoughts and learn their story. We honor them when we give them our undivided attention. We honor their importance as human being and we are in turn honored by the attention which they give to us. I think considering human interactions from the perspective honor given and honor received strengthens us.”

Richard spent time in Myanmar teaching English at an orphanage during a time of civil unrest. He shares a story about this time and how the experience of traveling abroad impacted him as a leader in the podcast below. Tune in to TLCG's podcast where Richard is regularly a guest to learn more from his broad experiences.

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