How To Avoid Bad Business Relationships

Have you been burned one too many times because of bad business relationships? Maybe it’s a counterpart in your organization that has left a few knife wounds in your back or clients that have caused more financial drain than gain. How do you stop attracting these bad business relationships?

Realize Challenging Doesn't Necessarily Equal Bad

There are times when we have to work with others that do business differently than we do. This can feel incredibly tough and can even slow things down as you learn how to interact with one another. But before you rush to cut someone off as a potential business associate, spend some time with them to see if they are willing to find a way to work together that you are both keen on. A challenging exterior isn't always a red flag for a bad business relationship.

Have a Good Definition of Bad

When vetting out potential business partners, you have to know where your hard lines lie for who you absolutely shouldn't be working with. This is a great conversation to have with your team, if at all possible. Know the real characteristics that a truly bad affiliate might have for all of you so you know to avoid them, and your team knows not to refer them. On the flip side, you should also know who your ideal business partner is! Which industries do they come from, what experience do they have, how do they do business, and what is corporately important to them? If you know exactly who you are looking for...it's easier to find them.

Clean Up Your Messaging

If you find that you keep attracting business relationships that really aren't serving you, it might be time to examine what your messaging is communicating. Are you actually writing copy that appeals to your ideal partner? Are you networking and advertising in the places where the people you want to be around are hanging around? Make sure that you are using the right voice and the right channels to find the right people. If that hasn't been the case so far, it's likely time for a change. Remember that adage - "whatever you are not changing, you are choosing."

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