Can You Handle a Side Hustle?

Embracing your passion sometimes happens after work hours. The concept of the "side hustle" or a second part-time job, has become incredibly popular as technology makes becoming a solo-preneur much easier. But what happens if your side gig takes off but you're not quite ready to leave your day job? Can you handle two careers? Maybe. But here's what you might consider before committing to 2 careers:

  • Broader Network: Embracing two careers allows you to interact with more people than you might with just one career. This article from Business Insider calls networking "your secret weapon" in career development. Not only might your career be bolstered from having a more robust network but you may find that your social life is improved as well. The side effect of rampant busyness and the overabundance of technology is often loneliness. Having exposure to more people increases your chance of making more personal connections which could lead to greater happiness and more self-assurance and a feeling of belonging.

  • The Struggle Is Real - There are only so many hours: The reality is, balancing two careers is hard. You often will feel short on time and energy if you do not have the proper systems in place to automate the majority of your work. It is vital that you are crystal clear on your priorities so that you understand what must come first when you are faced with multiple urgent situations at once. Demands coming from all angles can be an extreme struggle that, if not managed appropriately, could quickly lead to burnout.

  • Increased Life-Long Learning: A major benefit of balancing two careers is the requirement of being a humble learner. You likely will not be able to be an expert in both career fields. As a result, you may learn to ask better questions, listen more effectively to others, and work as an effective part of a team. This balance also requires you to learn more about your self and how you handle pressure and conflicting priorities. The upside of this, is that you will certainly always have an opportunity to learn and share your experiences with others - something great leaders are happy to do!

To hear more on the topic, listen in to our June 24, 2019 podcast where TLCG founder, Liz Howard, interviews Alex Howard, a research scientist for space applications and United States Marine Corps Commander of a West Coast Reserve Unit, as he discusses his experience balancing two careers.

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