Build Up Your Business With A Self-Published Book

When thinking of ways to build up your business, has the thought of writing a book come to mind? Many people talk about a dream of writing a book, but it seems to always stay on the back burner, being slated as a passion project, instead of part of a definite business strategy.

Writing a book can bring clarity and focus to your leadership core values and even to your career trajectory. For example, TLCG founder, Liz Howard, has self-published a book on business which helped her realize that leadership coaching was truly the calling for her next chapter. While the process can be very enlightening, it is not always easy.

To help you overcome the potential struggles you may face when considering writing your book, we spoke to a very accomplished book editor, Kelly Notaras on our May 27, 2019 podcast. Kelly talks about some of the challenges of writing a book and what type of help a person needs to successfully complete a book. Listen to the episode below to hear the entire conversation, but below are some key points:

Ask The Right Question

When writing a book a lot of people ask themselves, “What do I need to say?’ That’s the WRONG question to ask. The RIGHT question to ask is, “What do my readers need to hear?” When you start thinking like your readers and the needs of your readers you are on the right track for writing a book that will be successful.

Make An Outline

Lists and outlines are a lifesaver in my world. They help you see what you want to happen in an organized matter. Think about someone you know and outline how you would tell them something step by step. Make an outline of what you want to say in your book chapter by chapter.

Address Resistance

Reasons that people don’t write a book are life circumstances, the right motivation, and feeling like it’s not the right time. Naming the resistance is the first step to overcoming it. Understand the root cause of your resistance to write, or to present your ideas publicly, then get help to overcome them! A mentor, coach, or trusted friend can help keep you motivated to accomplish your dream of writing (and publishing!) your first book.

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