The Leadership Coaching Group has a great podcast.  And we also specialize in organizational and leadership development for military and government organizations.

“The best ideas emerge when very different perspectives meet.”



TLCG Founder & Principal

Liz Roney-Howard is the founder, the vision and the spirit of the Leadership Coaching Group.  Her uniquely personalized coaching approach is executed with purpose and passion for fostering individual & team growth. 


Liz comes to her coaching from a foundation of compassion from her own experience as an active member of corporate organizations and remote workforces.  She has experienced incredible leadership success and personal fulfillment, but has also encountered harassment, restructures and the frustrations of “working on an island”.  She empathizes with the challenges of leading within today’s disparate organizations, and has identified attainable solutions for all team members to excel in this new world of working.  


Liz coaches with an authentic dedication to both the business goals and also the individual’s happiness and balance.   It’s with style, grace and keen insight that she partners with her clients to discover their own unique leadership approach, while fostering the same nurturing of each team member, no matter their position or location.


Liz balances her own career, family, personal passions & dreams.  As a female leader herself, Liz has a sweet spot for female professionals who are working hard to poise themselves as the standard for the future -  being fierce, staying true to who they are, and finding & expressing their flair in every aspect of their lives.


Senior Consultant

Richard Rieckenberg is a founding member and lead consultant at the Leadership Coaching Group.  Richard brings a wildly divergent set of life experiences to his perspective on leadership.   Submarine Officer.  Nuclear Engineer.  American Red Cross Mass Care Chief.  Photographer.  He sees the world through a telephoto lens and coaches with a focus on humanity and morality.


Richard believes in the power of change and the possibility of forward motion no matter the current state or perceived shackles of an organizational or leadership rut.  By getting back to core motives, he will guide leaders and team members to exercise a stronger sense of priority on the most meaningful measures of success and fulfillment.

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